Metal/Steel Violin bows

John Grey England   John Grey England

above: John Grey England. Steel bow/aluminium frog

James Heddon USA   James Heddon USA

above: James Heddon USA Steel bow/plastic frog

Patented March 1940 by Fishing rod maker James Heddon

Bow maker uses human hair for shampoo promotion stunt!

Follow Paul Goh of Singapore on this link to see the advertisment (or as they say in Singapore: “adverteasement!):

Bali Holiday 2014

Bali Rice Terraces

Irwin's Bali cycle trip

Typical Irwin Family outing: From Kitamani (Volcano) to Ubud on bike –

around 30kms – the last 10k done in a tropical downpour but still was fun!

Picked up a spider on the way; very tasty!

 Visit to to the Frankfurt Music Show April 2013

Alte Oper - Now a Concert Hall

The Alte Oper;  saw & heard  Anne-Sophie Mutter with the LSO

Great architecture

Very interesting use of glass on the main mall

Hall 3

Hall 3 at the Musikmesse Frankfurt – where the fiddle action takes place.

Tubas do not come any bigger or smaller

The long and short of it is……

Günter & Andreas Dörfler

Günter & Andreas Dörfler – bow makers

Interesting Piano

Do you have the right decor for this piano?

Justice in the main square Frankfurt

Justice does not have a blindfold in Frankfurt

New Caledonia January 2013

The Irwin Family

The Irwin Family on a typical outing on our Segways

Michelle, Rebecca & Daniel

Michelle Baudin, Rebecca Yu Qing Irwin & Prof. Daniel Baudin

The view from the balcony

The view from the Baudin balcony – ahh, 25 degrees celcius  all the time!

Another view

Every day is a holiday!

Views of Cremona during the MondoMusica October 2011


Cremona Cathedral

Outside the Museum

Almost every shop gets in on the violin theme.

An interesting display indeed!

Admirable work!

Found this on the Net; not at Cremona!