Irwin Violins carry a comprehensive range of strings for violin, viola and cello. They include some of the following:

Westminster E strings 26 & 27 1/2 in Ball or loop end $12.50 ea.

Obligato 4/4 Violin string set $198.95

Pirazzi 4/4 Violin string set $172.95


Tonica Violin strings $55.95 a set.

Virtuoso by Larsen

Our string range also includes: Violino, Piranito, Larsen Tzigane, Passione, Jargar, Larsen, Spirocore, Dominant, Dominant Pro, Peter Infeld, Warchal Ametyst, Opal and others (when I can remember!)

Jade Rosin from France for violin, viola & cello $24.95 ea. 


Sartory Rosin….also from France

Shoulder Rests

We have shoulder rests suitable or all size instruments and budgets.

Brands include: Pirastro Korfker, Kun, Wolf, Bon Musica, Everest, Mach One, Wittner & Linnd

Now available: the Wittner Isny! $162.00 (see below)

Wittner Isny
Kun Violin shoulder rest
Pirastro Korfker Violin Shoulder rest model 2

Wolf Forte Secondo violin shoulder rest
Lightweight Music Stand, 640 g, extra wide arms, black carry bag and is a touch higher than the average folding stand, the head will also flip to the horizontal position – also good for guitarists I am told. – $34.50 ea.