Gliga III cello outfit, nitro varnish, School level cello, nitro spray varnish, with a  Wittner tailpiece, 20mm padded cover + wooden bow. $1,935.00

Gliga III cello outfit, oil varnish, 20mm padded cover, Jargar Strings, wooden bow, $2,750.00

Gliga II cello outfit, antique style varnish, Jargar Strings, Wittner tailpiece, 20mm padded cover, carbon fibre bow $2,995.00

Gliga I cello outfit, model #08074, antique style varnish, Jargar Strings, Wittner tailpiece, 20mm padded cover, carbon fibre bow $3,725.00

Vasile Gliga advanced cello outfit, model #08075,  antique style varnish, Jargar Strings, Wittner tailpiece, carbon fibre bow, hard case $5,795.00

Gasparo Cello, model C7, 2015, 'Stressed style varnish' with Aubert France bridge, Thomastic tailpiece, cover & carbon fibre (or wood if preferred) bow including Helicore strings, $2,250.00

Gasparo cello, model C19, 2015, 18th Century style varnish with Belgian style Aubert bridge, Thomastic tailpiece, cover & bow - includes Larsen A & D with Spirocore Tungsten G & C; $3,995.00 - this level of cello is also available to special order in models based on Maggini, Guadanini, Goffriller (model C18 currently in stock), Rocca, Stainer, P Guarneri plus various models of Stradivari.

Brian Howard, Sydney, made in 2000

Ignaz Penzel Germany C1780

John Van Wirdum Central Coast NSW 1984