We have recently started to offer Gasparo carbonfibre instrument cases.


carbonfibre cello cases - all 2.5 kg $1,995,00 each

colours: Green (BRG), Gold, Blue, Brown, (White all sold out)  & Black. Back straps included. We also have some viola cases in Black or Blue weighing 1.43 kg @ $750.00 each


Cello cases above



  New Gasparo shaped violin model made in Polycarbonate

These are  $295.00 each and weigh only 1.6 kg. Includes double backpack straps, 'bus stop' handle on the top & a blanket. Strong, light & slim - perfect for everyone flying - in fact, any situation!


The range of colours.


Backpack style straps and a blanket 


Instrument is held securely


Two bow catches


 "Bus stop" handle











Pink/Rose Gold